Fishbone method

The mapping of straining and exhilarating factors which knowledge workers are experiencing in their work, happen through workshops The staff will discuss and reach an agreement about the exhilarating and straining factors. First and foremost, each participant is asked to write one post-it note of what thrills them and one of what places strain on them. Then we use the fishbone method or the "Fishbone diagram" which is hung on the wall with the post-it notes attached to it. Enthusiasm in one fish-bone diagram separately (with green and purple post-its) and strain in another one (with red, yellow and orange post-its). The Fish-bones in the diagram illustrate the junction between the different factors, where some factors may be causes and others effects. The causes are placed in the center and the effects further out on the fish bones. The Fish-bone method has been performed in two or more workshops in the same enterprise, so that employees, managers and safety representatives / HR staff attend separate workshops.