Volubill Danmark ApS (IT enterprise), Havnevej 1, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark

Who is Volubill?
We are a software enterprise that specializes in developing systems that can classify traffic in a data network in order to price the traffic, depending on several parameters such as time, place, type of traffic and customer subscription.

We develop systems for monitoring and impact on data traffic for telecommunications service providers worldwide. A classic example of this is mobile broadband, where you either have free traffic until a certain limit and then slower speed or where you only pay for consumption.

The systems will be commissioned by our customers in their server room, but we cooperate with subsequent customer operations support of the platform. 

Volubill in Denmark has for years experienced different management types, as we have been Danish, English and now French-owned. Changes like these have great influence on our working environment, but in spite of that, we have been successful in retaining employees, so today's average length of service is high.

Why have we chosen to participate in the project?
As we are a knowledge enterprise, and our results are driven by the well-being and productivity of all employees, it is important for us to continuously invest in our work, both to ensure that the working environment is maintained in a good condition, but also to learn about how we can improve.

Our expectations of The Project of Productivity and Well-being are to bring people together across departments and to work with the two priorities. This process should be teaching us about new tools that we can use looking forward, so that Volubill remains a good place to work.