LE34 Gruppen A/S (Landsurveyor and IT enterprise)
Energivej 34, 2750 Ballerup, Denmark

Who is LE34?
We are an almost 92 years old land surveyor enterprise that provides consulting within real estate, infrastructure and tele communications, sells Trimble GPS and surveying instruments and operates the world's first nationwide GPS / GNSS reference network, www.GPSnet.dk.

Our clients consist in a wide range of public and private infrastructure companies the Road Directorate, Rail Net Denmark and Dong just to mention a few. We work for the majority of the municipalities of Denmark, providing services to Consulting Engineers, Contractors and private landowners.

Over the past 15 years we have expanded and evolved into a group of technical consultancies with over 150 employees in 10 offices in Denmark and southern Sweden. Besides the parent company the LE34 Group consists of three subsidiaries, namely Land Suveyor Enterprise LE34 A/S, LE34 TELE A/S and Geoteam A/S.

Why have we chosen to participate in the project?
LE34 has focused on both the physical and psycological woriking environment which means that both security and job satisfaction are priorities. Our collaboration is based on dialogue and takes place both within departments, across departments and with our customers.

Our expectations from the project are prospectively to implement a method to deal with our upcoming HR functions in a more defined approach in order to address our future challenges more efficiently - of benefit to both our employees and our enterprise.