Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval Copenhagen Aps (Factory, Manufacturing Decanters)
Maskinvej 3-5, 2860 Søborg, Denmark 
Who is Alfa Laval?
Alfa Laval Copenhagen is the concern Alfa Laval's global head office of development and production of decant cetrifuges and freshwater generators. 
In addition Alfa Laval Copenhagen is the head office of our engineering activities. Furthermore a long row of the concern's central business units are housed in Søborg. They are responsible for the global sale of a long row of our key components. 
In total there are 500 employees in Søborg.  200 people are affiliated to our production of decant centrifuges and freshwater generators. The others are affiliated to sales, marketing, research and development plus engineering and administrative support functions. Alfa Laval Copenhagen's anual profit is about 1,5 billion Danish kroner.

Why have we chosen to participate in the project?
Our conviction is that well-being means a great deal regarding productivity, and we work continuously with, i.a., Lean, 6sigma and kaizen to optimize our business. On the 'soft' hand we would like to strengthen our contributions even more to make the workday more valuable to our staff.

Also therefore we have thosen to participate in the project. It happens in a strong connection with our holistic view of humanity and our ambition of strengthen both productivity and well-being. We expect that the employees and the immediate manager will understand eachother even better and together create a better workday.